Work from Home Haute Couture


Much has been written about the venerable Millennial tradition of working from home (WfH). Its merits and roadblocks have been duly catalogued, presumably by writers so tightly tucked into their beds that they need Extendo straws just to suck down their coffee. But I’m here today with a fresh new angle—one that just might save your productivity.

It starts with the lesser known 11th commandment, “Thou Shalt Dress to Impress.” When Moses trotted out his woodburning kit to smolder God’s decree into a corkboard tablet, he purposefully didn’t attach the parenthetical caveat (Only When You Have Company). No. Dress to Impress is a fulltime pursuit.

It’s doubly important to DtI when you’re WfH. Much like fashion’s more vulnerable cousin, love, you can only impress others once you’ve managed to impress yourself. Working from home is the perfect opportunity to try something new sartorially. For example, try mismatching vertical and horizontal stripes like in today’s look. I’m a very mistriped stripling, indeed.

And let me tell you, I’m killin’ it right now at work. I feel groovy, and that grooviness translates into work ethic. Because grooviness, when contained, fosters creativity. And I am contained—by my apartment, because it’s real cold out. But it’s not cold in here. In here, it’s fire.


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