A Change In Season

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and the ole blog ‘n’ chain has been unfairly neglected. Some things that happened recently: I went running a couple times. I had a freelance project due. Halloween came and went. I bought a television. And the Chicago Bulls joined the rest of the NBA in beginning their regular season.

A quick note about the TV: it’s really fudging up my feng shui. Mere days ago, the apartment was colorful and cheerful and inward facing. The focal point was the bookshelf, maybe, or the artwork. Now all eyes are drawn to the television and its resolute blackness. Try as I might to look away, I know that all manner of depravity lurks in the corner over there, just below its still obsidian surface. The TV is eerie and unkind. And yet, it is my portal to Bulls basketball. So it shall remain.

The Bulls own deeds to not-insubstantial pieces of my mind and heart. If my mind and heart were Chicago, they would be in possession of, say, Lincoln Park. The neighborhood, not the park, mind you. I can’t help it! I think about them a lot. I think about strategic things, like how this team could achieve the Platonic ideal of basketball, and why they’re struggling to rebound right now, but I also think about what the players lives are like, and if we’d become friends if we were trapped in an elevator together. My answer is: we’d be great friends, me and the Bulls in the elevator! It would have to be spacious, however. Perhaps a freight lift.

Anyway, I’ll be writing a lot and feeling even more about the Bulls this season (they’re off to a 3-1 start!). Stay tuned, and #SeeRed, you guys.


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