This blog hit 1,000 views today.

I started it on July 8, so that’s not very impressive. It is validating in its way, that four-digit number. I still don’t know why I’m doing this or what my aim is. Fashion, fiction, and fotos have fallen by the wayside. I do like having it, though. It’s sort of like a pet cat that I put a saucer of cream out for every few days. I want my blog to be an outdoor cat, and I want it to bring me freshly felled field mice as presents. I will make a big show of pretending to eat the mice in the front of the blog, so it grows happy and purrs loudly in my lap.

It feels good to make things, even if they’re silly. And maybe someday I will write something here and know I have arrived at my purpose, sure as a traveler crests a hill and confronts God’s ocean just beyond.

Thanks to everybody who has viewed and visited. I appreciate you spending time with me, and not making fun of my metaphors to my face. Here’s to thousands more.


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