Enormous Shop of Horrors


I made a sweet tape monster out of the annoying sticky shit that IKEA puts on all of their lacquered furniture. The stuff is very difficult to remove—you have to futz with a corner for a minute before it starts to peel up—but you can make some dope True Detective-themed craft projects if you happen to have recently purchased, say, $500 worth of IKEA furniture. The sticky tape is an underused medium in the art world.

I went to the dystopian Swedish stronghold yesterday, with my mother. What a ridiculous place. It feels like a mashup of the Pentagon, The Giver, and the end of Wall-E. I was looking forward to seeing couples breaking up in pretend bedrooms, which I’ve heard happens there on the reg, but if any relationships imploded day I was not on hand to hear the shatter. I did overhear lots of non-English speakers, and the faint by constant presence of children crying, which is humanity’s only true universal language.

Anyway, I’m pretty psyched about all my new furniture.


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