Alone But Not Insane

Oh, Hellions. It’s been far too long since we’ve textually embraced. I am, at last, all moved into my new Buena Park apartment. (It’s technically in Lakeview, more technically in Wrigleyville, but I will never call it those things). My building is old and wonderful, the apartment creaky and charming, and even without the aesthetic and utilitarian benefits of a coffee table, desk, desk chair, floor lamps, reading light, plates, bowls, microwave, or bookshelf, it is already my favorite place I have ever lived.

It’s been four days under the new roof, and I have yet to go insane. History is full of crazy people saying the same, but I’m reasonably confident. Maybe it’s because I still feel a bit like a guest here, not daring to turn up my music too loud and wincing every time I cause my floorboards to scream. Seriously, it’s very creaky. Once I feel more like a member of the community, I’ll start talking to myself, singing made up songs, walking around naked, et al. This could happen as early as tomorrow.

For those of you who have been checking this blog first thing every day, at dawn, with a charm bracelet wrapped tight ’round your knuckles and an unlikely prayer addressed to the heavens begging for new content, I have some good news. Beginning this Monday, I’ll be switching to a three-posts-a-week blog model. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. New words and pictures. Look for posts mid-morning.

Pull up a chaise lounge, and prepare to soak your feet in an infinite kiddie pool of content.


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