How to Pickpocket Death

They say he was the greatest pickpocket in all of Umbria, each hand a hummingbird at his side until he sensed the perfect time to strike. They must have been telling the truth, for one day the man, Cosimo Chiellini, picked a pocket watch off of Death in a crowded train car. 

Death, stripped of his timepiece, no longer knew when to claim the souls that filled his list. So Death panicked, which happens more often than you might think. He collected his names at random, plucking babes from their mothers breasts and young men from their bicycles. Finally, Death composed himself, and swept the Umbria countryside. Farmhouses collapsed before his stride, and wells turned to ash. He sought only Cosimo, king of thieves, and the instrument the man had slipped into a hidden pocket in his coat. 


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