70’s Vibes


This summer I am attempting to create and permeate 70’s vibes. It feels right. The world is ready, again. Pictured above is a maiden effort. I think it went swimmingly.

Shirt: I found this shirt in a thrift store in I think Nashville. I don’t think I receive enough compliments on it, because it’s a damn good shirt.

Shorts: Green corduroy Chubbies. This brand markets like crazy to me, and evidently they wore me down. The shorts are well made, have super-deep pockets, and show just the right amount of thigh for my liking (read: a lot of thigh).

Shoes (not pictured): BucketFeet. Dope slip-ones that I have cottoned to this summer. They have a geometric pattern meant to evoke city blocks seen from I guess GoogleMaps. The strongest colors are pink and yellow, yet they pair with a surprising amount of what I’d initially thought to be non-complimentary color palettes. I’ll continue posting updates from my lab work on the subject.

Shades: Cheapo Amazon tortoiseshell wayfarers. Why would anyone ever wear anything else?

Watch: Cheapo Timex off Groupon Goods. A brief theory on watches: if you can’t afford a dope watch, reverse course and wear a cheapo one. This allows you to claim you’re either ironic or pragmatic, depending on who’s asking. Wearing a middle-of-the-road watch (anything above, say, $50 and less than a couple bills) is just kinda sucky (imo).



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